Hi everyone and welcome to 2016. In my first post of the year I am setting out a bit of a challenge to myself and to wearable technology.

A lot is being made of the Quantified Self movement and the proliferation of wearable devices in society. So I thought I would perform some practical experiments on myself to test their abilities.

I have just signed myself up to run the Brighton marathon in April this year and I am going to field test a whole bunch of Quantified Self devices during my training for the race. I have run a few Tough Mudders and completed two half marathons, but a full distance race is a whole new ballgame. As the Digital Chef I am interested in the potential usefulness of wearables within the Enterprise, so as part of the field tests I am going to examine the opportunities and highlight use cases for each of the devices. In future videos we will look at each device in detail and how they can also be linked into other Enterprise software.

In this video I have highlighted some of the devices that I am going to field test:

  1. Nike FuelBand SE
  2. Microsoft Band
  3. Moov
  4. Fitbit Surge
  5. OmSignal
  6. Recon Jet

I will keep adding blog posts to the site that showcase off the companion mobile apps and the Cloud dashboards so I can start to test the efficacy of the trackers. I am hoping that using the wearables will give me the push to carry on with the marathon training and that making this public will mean I have to complete it. I plan to wear as much of the technology as I can for the race itself, even though that will no doubt mean I get some funny looks!

Happy New Year!

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  • Danny Baggs

    Great idea – looking forward to seeing what you make of them and the data pulled.

    • Lewis Richards

      Cheers Dan, Happy New Year, I will hopefully shed a few pounds in the process!

  • Howard Rees

    All “Fitness” wearables right now seem to focus on only one area of fitness – running (and somewhat cycling and other cardio). Do you think there’s space in the wearables market for those that prefer strength or sports-specific training? Is anyone moving into that space already? I could really see Nike or UnderArmor pushing that space (particularly UA now they have a good app suite)

    • Lewis Richards

      Yep there are a couple now that are looking at the more functional training activites, so wearables for Crossfit etc. I am going to have a look at those in a bit, did you see Samsung have just released a new chip for processing this kind of data? http://www.extremetech.com/mobile/220242-samsungs-new-bio-processor-knows-more-about-you-than-you-do

      • Howard Rees

        Looks good, I did see the Samsung chip. If you need a gym buddy to test any of strength and functional stuff let me know, I promise not to show you up too much 😉