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LEF Digital Chef – Twitter Christmas Tree

Author: Lewis Richards

: Recipe
In our Christmas special the Digital Chef shows you a recipe to connect your Firm’s Christmas tree to social media like Twitter using the website With no coding or development, the Digital Chef takes low cost, commercially available tech and showcases how these devices can be placed directly into the hands of end users, [...]
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LEF Digital Chef – Twitter Christmas Tree

Author: Lewis Richards

Digital Chef Recipe: Holodeck

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Digital Chef Recipe: The Teleporter

Author: Lewis Richards

Digital Chef brings Jamie Oliver approach to IT

Author: Lewis Richards

A Revamp and Relaunch

So this is a test to get Digital chef going again.

First Episode of 21st Century Human Podcast

Click Here or Select from the Top Menu for the Podcast Hi everyone, the first episode of the 21st Century Human Podcast is now available. Still a bit of a work in progress as we try and work out all the kinks but we wanted to get it up and out. We plan to [...]

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The Digital Chef does the ‘Future of Food’

So as the Digital Chef I thought it was time to take an interest in the technology surrounding the food we eat as well as the technology that surrounds us. According to about 50% of the food wastage in the UK comes from our homes and we throw away a staggering 7 million [...]

The Digital Chef’s Digital Buzzword BS Detector

If I asked you to tell me what your corporate strategy statement for next year was, there’s a pretty good chance, it would have the words, Cyber, Big Data, Cloud and IoT in there somewhere. This isn’t a criticism; it is an observation of the pervasiveness of technology terminology (now there’s a mouthful). If I [...]

Digital Chef – Ricoh Theta S VR camera unboxing

I am a big fan of Virtual Reality and I showcase this to clients as often as possible within my Xperience Lab. Most of the last year I have been using the Ricoh Theta M15 360 camera to create immersive content (have a look at the Teleporter video to see how). Today I [...]

CES 2016, driverless cars and the Batmobile

So CES 2016 has come and gone for another year. The great gathering of vendors, hawkers and purveyors of technology that descend on Sin City have packed up their wares and moved on. So what have we learned this year? Car technology is big news, all of the major car vendors are now exhibiting forms [...]

Connecting my Fitbit to my Phillips Hue lights

End of week 1 of operation Brighton Marathon. I’ve done initial testing on all the wearables this week and today decided that I needed more of a visual indicator to highlight when i’ve achieved my daily step goal. So i’ve created a quick ‘Internet of Things’ recipe to link my Fitbit Surge to my Phillips [...]

Digital Chef does Wearables – A New Year Resolution

Hi everyone and welcome to 2016. In my first post of the year I am setting out a bit of a challenge to myself and to wearable technology. A lot is being made of the Quantified Self movement and the proliferation of wearable devices in society. So I thought I would perform some practical experiments [...]