End of week 1 of operation Brighton Marathon. I’ve done initial testing on all the wearables this week and today decided that I needed more of a visual indicator to highlight when i’ve achieved my daily step goal. So i’ve created a quick ‘Internet of Things’ recipe to link my Fitbit Surge to my Phillips HUE lights in my home Xlab. This simple recipe means that I have connected the fitness wearable on my wrist to a set of LED lights in my Xlab. When I achieve my daily step goal the recipe turns the LED lights green. To do this I have done the following.

  1. Created an account on the awesome IFTTT (IF THIS THEN THAT)
  2. Added my Fitbit account to IFTTT
  3. Added my Phillips HUE account to IFTTT
  4. Created a trigger action so that meeting my daily step goal on my Fitbit Surge, triggers my Phillips Hue lights to turn green.


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